Introduction to Cheddar It!

Hello to all you cheddar lovers out there! This week we are introducing the concept of Cheddar It! to the public with the hope that we can gather as many followers as possible before launching the product line. The more likes, shares and follows that the product gets, the better chance we have of bringing Cheddar It! to your local restaurants, small businesses and even grocery stores!

In this video, experienced dairy-man Jack Cheddar discusses some of the benefits that Cheddar It! can bring to each and every restaurant and food-related small business. We hope you enjoy the classic Wisconsin accent of Mr. Cheddar…after all, he is a seasoned veteran of “dat derr dairy industry!” Jack Cheddar will be hosting multiple instructional videos featuring ways of using Cheddar It! to enhance your mealtime experience, so don’t miss out!

Here is the link to our introductory video:

We hope you enjoy, and remember to spread the word about Cheddar It!

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