Here at Haupert Inc, our business is to help your business! Our goal is to deliver the highest quality grated cheese to our clients with the intent of helping them add new flavors and textures to their menu or production line. Though we are a small start-up company, our long-term vision is to become a house-hold name in the grated cheese market. Our Cheddar It! products offer pure, 100% real cheese that is as diverse in its uses as it is delicious in its flavor. Listed below are just a few of the possibilities:

With Cheddar It! products, restaurants have an opportunity to introduce new and exciting options to their menus for consumers looking for gluten free, tasty alternatives. These include crispy taco shells made entirely of cheddar cheese, delicious edible bowls that can hold salsa or guacamole, and even patties made entirely of cheddar that can be added to enhance hamburgers. Food production businesses such as tortilla or bread companies will find our products to their liking, as they can easily mix Cheddar It! into their dough and create new, 100% real cheese-flavored breads. Instant mashed potato producers will find that our granulated cheese can be included with their products to enhance flavor (consumers love cheesey potatoes!)

These are just a few of many options available with Cheddar It!; if your food business is looking for new ways to add real cheese flavor to any number of your products, contact us today! If interested, please e-mail us at or